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CWA Local 1040 Functioning Committees

Committee in action


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:   shall accept or reject membership applications in accordance with the By-Laws and rules of the Local and Article V of the Union Constitution.

BY-LAWS COMMITTEE:   shall meet prior to the opening date of the Convention for the purpose of giving consideration to proposed resolutions submitted through the Local and by members for action by the Convention. The committee may also originate By-Laws for submission to the Convention.

BUDGET COMMITTEE:   shall have the responsibility to create and present to the Executive Board the operating budget of the Local.

THE COMMITTEE ON POLITICAL EDUCATION (C.O.P.E.):   shall assist in developing and pursuing the program of the union and the Local in the Legislative/Political field. It shall be responsible for the Local’s program to register each qualified voter.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE:  shall assist the Local officers and members in organizing all non-union employees within the Local’s jurisdiction.

HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE:   is comprised of one representative from each of the Branches and meets four (4) times per year, or more frequent if necessary. Committee members monitor and report health and safety violations to appropriate authorities and develop programs to improve health and safety at the various worksites under the Local’s jurisdiction.

EQUITY COMMITTEE:   will assess and address the needs for equitable minority representation and participation in the decision-making process of the Union.

WOMEN'S COMMITTEE:   shall address issues and problems which affect women in the Local.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE:   shall assist in developing the Local’s education program and with the Local Officers, be responsible for implementing the Union’s and Local’s educational program.

ELECTION COMMITTEE:  shall conduct all nominations and elections and referenda of this Local.

CONVENTION AND CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE:   will select a site for the Annual Local Convention and establish an agenda. The Credentials Committee shall examine the credentials of delegates and report thereon to the Convention.

COMMUNITY SERVICES AND CIVIC DUTIES COMMITTEE:   shall assist in the development of all Community services programs. It shall have jurisdiction over questions of general interest to the public at large wherein the duty of the members of the Local as citizens is an issue.

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE:  shall arrange and conduct all social functions of the Local.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE:  shall have the juris­diction over the dissemination of information concerning the Local.