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About Us

The Communications Workers of America (CWA), represents over 700,000 men and women in both private and public sectors.

CWA members are employed in telecommunications, broadcasting, cable TV, journalism, publishing, electronics and general manufacturing, as well as airline customer service, government service, health care, education, and other fields.

CWA is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the Canadian Labour Congress, and the worldwide Union Network International.

The triangle symbolizes the three major programs of the union: Bargaining/Representation, Organizing, and Community/Political Action. None can stand alone. If the triangle is broken on any side, sooner or later it will be broken on every side. CWA's founding president, Joseph Beirne, called this the "triple threat."

The union includes some 1,200 chartered local unions across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Members live in approximately 10,000 communities, making CWA one of the most geographically diverse unions.

CWA Local 1040 is the Union of choice for over 9,000 workers in both the public and private sectors in New Jersey.

We are a democratically run Local. Our diverse roster of representation in the public sector includes New Jersey's state workers in Administrative/Clerical titles, Primary Level Supervisory titles, Higher Level Supervisory titles and Professional titles in the Departments of Corrections, Human Services (including Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities), Juvenile Justice, and Military and Veterans Affairs. We also represent county and municipal employees working in maintenance areas, emergency dispatch centers, transportation services, Housing Authorities, Health Departments, Intergenerational (Seniors, Youth and Family) Services and a Utility Authority.

This same level of diversity is extended into the private sector as well. Group home workers, nurses and direct care staff in nursing homes, special transportation workers, television crews, and other job titles are united under the CWA Local 1040 umbrella.

Our local is recognized nationally for its accomplishments in organizing, journalism, community support programs, education, training, and health and safety.


Michele Long-Vickers