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Wear Red on Thursday

Wearing RED on Thursdays is a sign of unity and solidarity. In times of harmony, it is a symbol of remembrance and in hard times, a sign of strength, courage, power, and resolve of the union to NEVER back down. WE are the Union! Wearing RED on Thursdays shows that we all stand together in the face of adversity in whatever form it may choose to come. Wearing RED on Thursdays speaks to other coworkers who may be hesitant to show their solidarity. It says to them, “You are not alone, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we stand together”! Let’s show our Solidarity and our willingness to fight!

Why We Wear Red

Wearing red as a sign of solidarity began in 1989. NYNEX employees were on strike for 17 weeks. During the strike in August, Gerry Horgan, CWA Chief Steward for Local 1103, in Westchester County, NY, was hit and killed by a car driven by a scab worker. 1103 wore red for the first time in Unity for Gerry. At his funeral, a line of thousands of CWA members wearing red stretched for more than a mile along the route to the church. That display of Unity is what CWA members are supposed to be all about. 

Today, and every Thursday, CWA members wear red to honor Gerry's memory and to show that we are united in the fight for justice for all working people.

Courtesy CWA District 1 

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