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CWA Local 1040 Local Officer Election Tentative Certification Results

Following the Communications Workers of America Constitution, the CWA Local 1040 Election Committee certifies that the following individuals are unopposed and have met the criteria established in the CWA Constitution and CWA Local 1040 BYLAWS for Local Office. Unless challenged, this certification will become final in ten days.

If you wish to file a challenge, please forward the document to the CWA Local 1040 Election Committee at [email protected] or via fax at 609-538-8868. All challenges must be submitted before 5 P.M. on September 17, 2023.





3 year

Michele Long-Vickers

Executive Vice President

3 year

Duwaine Walker


3 year

Evelyn Boyd


3 year

Pura A. Jackson

VP Primary Level

3 year

Christine Spadoni

VP Professional Level

3 year

George Duffield

VP Administrative/Clerical

3 year

Chanele Stockling