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Take Action to Support County & Municipal Workers!

It might be a new year, but we are still fighting against astronomical healthcare contribution increases for our members. As it stands, municipal and county government employees are facing an increase of over 20% in their healthcare contributions. This will also lead to an increase in our taxes, which we know that very few people in our state can afford. 

The only way to stop these increases is through legislation that must be passed at the state level to establish a cap on healthcare contributions. This means that we must call our legislators in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly and ask them to support legislation to cap health insurance contributions for our municipal and county government employees. For a list of the contact information for your state legislators, visit this site

Please share this information with friends and families and urge them to contact their state legislators. These increases will impact any local or municipal government employee as well as taxpayers in our state. We must support each other by demanding that our elected officials do what is best for their constituents!